OPILE is a program designed to analyse the capacity and response of single piles subjected to any combination of loads (axial, lateral and torsional), displacements and rotations. OPILE allows to calculate pile capacity (ultimate and mobilisable), response curves (T-Z, Q-Z and P-Y), Soil Resistance to Driving, the axial and lateral load displacement response and to perform back analysis of SRD based on pile driving records all in a single software package! As it is designed for steel tubular piles and incorporates methods typically used for this pile type, it particularly suits the requirements of the offshore geotechnical engineering community, but also provides a valuable analysis capability for all kinds of piles.

OPILE operates in SI units and was developed to remain design code independent. OPILE supports batch running and reporting and saves its data as ASCII files allowing scripting to be used to generate large sets of input data and/or automatic processing of the output. Alternatively, OPILE allows any of the output tables visible in the user interface to be exported to a fully customisable WORD or EXCEL template through the use of named ranges in Excel. Integration of data with structural design packages is available through the SACS export. Other export formats can be added upon request.

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To learn more about OPILE, the available axial, lateral capacity methods, the implemented SRD approaches or the details on our finite difference pile response engine, read our detailed online manual!

OPILE offers ALLCAP and PROWEAP, two distinct features making OPILE an even more versatile engineering tool:


Pile capacity sensitivity cases can be easily performed. The ALLCAP feature in OPILE allows to evaluate up to 6 different pile capacity methods for up to 6 different pile penetration depths effectively providing up to 36 pile capacities in one analysis.


The PROWEAP feature allows to back analyse the soil resistance to driving from uploaded driving records and hammer bearing graphs. The PROWEAP feature uses the logged blowcount and energy settings to back calculate an estimate of the SRD from the provided bearing graphs.

OPILE as viewer

OPILE is freely available in DEMO license which effectively functions as a viewer (i.e. at any time you will always be able to see input and output of calculations performed in the past) and additionally this mode allows testing of some of the most basic functions. So even license holders do not need to allocate an available license if the purpose of opening a file is only to view the results.

Fully licensed versions are either available using a dongle or an internet-based license with both variants available as single user and network licenses.

For more information, please contact us at opile@cathiegroup.com

Cathie offers a fully functional trial version of OPILE, providing 30 days of unrestricted use. A trial can be started anytime by simply activating the TRIAL license type within the interface.