Risk Management

The service life of offshore assets provides opportunity for changes in use and also changes to the threats which the assets face. In the subsea and seabed environment, these changes can be both natural and anthropogenic.

We take a holistic approach to risk management which seamlessly continues through development and into operation. This continuity of approach ensures that the intended use and risk profile can be tracked continuously throughout the asset lifecycle and the management approaches adapted accordingly. GIS models are a key tool in our risk management approach and ensure that pre-construction project data is readily available throughout the operational phase to manage risk and seabed change.

In the subsea environment, subtle changes to threat from other sea users may occur but changes can also be more dramatic; such as significant storm related sediment mobility or geohazard events. Ongoing survey strategies are adapted proactively as part of a Risk Based Inspection framework to better inform risk assessments and to drive any necessary engineering intervention.

At Cathie, we are committed to providing services attuned to operating in a dynamic marine environment where change is inevitable.