Lifetime Extension

In mature oil and gas fields with marginal economics, operators are consistently turning to tie-backs and enhanced recovery to prolong field life. Such measures inevitably result in modifications and additions to existing infrastructure. But how has the infrastructure been designed and does it have the required redundancy to support the modifications?

In the context of the offshore renewables industry, can early, conservatively designed structures support a re-powering strategy to extend project lifetime?

Many older assets now subject to lifetime extension pressures were designed conservatively with dated design codes and understanding. We perform detailed design reviews with modern techniques in conjunction with proprietary understanding and methodologies to reassess infrastructure performance envelopes to enable necessary modifications. Even without modification, asset life may be extended by performing detailed storm load modelling to determine in-service reliability of foundation systems.

Our expertise can deliver enhanced returns from existing assets by prolonging serviceability and postponing decommissioning.

At Cathie, we are committed to providing services attuned to operating in a dynamic marine environment where change is inevitable.