Jackup Site Specific Assessment

Jack-up foundation related problems are one of the major sources of accidents in the offshore industry.

It is therefore vital to undertake a geotechnical assessment to reduce the risk and potential consequence of events such as spud leg punch-through or lateral leg sliding.

Our site evaluation methodology SITEVAL assesses leg penetration risks and operational stability provides a systematic approach for collecting all the relevant data and providing a calibrated engineering assessment of the risks. We use our in-house software JACA to provide reliable and rapid leg penetration and in-place analyses.

In conjunction with our specialist naval architect partners, we offer a seamlessly integrated SSA solution.

Our solutions include:

Leg penetration studies and punch-through assessment according to ISO, SNAME and many variants.

In-place stability evaluation (ISO, SNAME)

Geohazard studies and site survey consultancy

Site evaluation for rig moves using our SITEVAL methodology

Jack-up interaction studies with seabed infrastructure

Site preparation for jack-up operations

We provide a unique independent specialist geotechnical capability for site specific assessment of jack-ups and have used our experience to develop the specialist leg penetration software JACA for use by our teams. We are part of the core team developing the ISO standard for site specific assessments of jack-ups. Our solutions optimise jack-up foundation decisions, improve operational availability and increase the safety and reliability of rig moves and ongoing operations.

At Cathie, we consider practical approaches for all manner of installation issues from pile tip buckling to suction caisson critical under pressure, and everything in between, including jack-up analysis, trenching and burial assessment. Pile driving monitoring is also delivered by our specialist team in G-Octopus. Because design is only part of the story.