Foundation and Anchor Installation

We provide installation support for all foundation types to ensure that the installation design is achievable, risk managed and performed according to the required specification. Our geotechnical team are often mobilised offshore to oversee operations, verify the installation design and react to real-time challenges. We seamlessly work with operators and contractors to optimise installation of piles, suction caissons, gravity foundations and mudmats, and seabed excavations or interventions.

Foundation installation design requires geotechnical risk awareness and an acknowledgement of the inherent heterogeneity and uncertainty within the seabed. We prefer to iterate the installation and geotechnical design to define an optimal solution but in the case where the foundation characteristics are pre-defined, we are still able to devise risk-managed installation design.

Our installation design projects have led to significant developments in understanding and new research. For driven piles we have advanced FE techniques to assess pile tip buckling risk, created new methodologies for the probabilistic determination of pile refusal due to discreet obstructions, assessed pile driving energy loss in conical section piles and simulated noise propogation during the driving of large diameter monopiles leading to modifications in the installation method and reduction in water-borne noise. As part of our work for the Carbon Trust we have led the authoring of new suction caisson design guidelines which consider foundation installation design and we have also developed new FE soil models for use in caisson analysis.

We carefully evaluate the risks involved with installation difficulties or insufficient holding while developing a solution for foundation and anchor installation for our clients.

At Cathie, we consider practical approaches for all manner of installation issues from pile tip buckling to suction caisson critical under pressure, and everything in between, including jack-up analysis, trenching and burial assessment. Pile driving monitoring is also delivered by our specialist team in G-Octopus. Because design is only part of the story.