Geohazards and Desk Study


A detailed desk study is one of the most important phases of any offshore development, collating, assessing and integrating all site specific information with the aim of determining surface and sub-surface conditions. We provide bespoke, site specific, geological, geotechnical and geohazard desk studies.

Our desk studies help clients identify and mitigate the risks in a cost-effective manner and to properly plan future project phases, such as site surveys. Our integrated geospatial, geophysical and geotechnical teams coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the conditions across many geographies means we are ideally placed to provide our clients with detailed reports that demonstrate their value throughout the project lifecycle.

Benefits of commissioning a desk study include:

Identify and mitigate risk

Develop an early understanding of potential ground conditions

Promote economical design of foundations

Decrease the risk of encountering unforeseen ground conditions

Promote the development of accurate budget forecasting

We also provide an independent capability as specialists in geohazard assessment. Our geoscientists have worked globally in every conceivable seabed condition in the offshore industry and possess a strong academic background. Adopting a targeted, bespoke approach, we assess the hazards faced and deliver solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ needs for:

  • Drilling site assessment
  • Jack-up leg penetration analysis
  • Geohazard spatial analysis
  • Sediment mobility and scour assessments
  • Site suitability analysis and layout design

Seabed geohazards may include seismicity, volcanicity, turbidites, contourites, shallow gas, local high seabed slopes, fault escarpments, slope failures or slides, erosional features, paleochannels, boulders, hard grounds, carbonate mounds and gas or fluid expulsion features. These are all natural hazards that can be triggered by, or affect subsea infrastructure installations.

At Cathie, we deliver site suitability, desk study, geohazard assessment, concept design and risk management as part of feasibility studies. Our services are designed to set a project on the right path, manage risk cost-effectively and enable key strategic decisions.