Survey Consultancy

Infrastructure which interacts with the seabed, that is, foundations, pipelines, umbilicals and cables, accounts for a very significant portion of CAPEX spend.

A ‘right from the start’ attitude taken by the project team can ensure overall risk and cost reduction; an approach which can only be realised by engaging a survey consultancy solution with experience in the end-use of the data. Selecting the right consultant to provide good survey management, technical support and offshore representation can add value and achieve a significant ROI for a project.

Continuity, holistic approach

In providing the precursor studies to survey, as well as being end-users of the survey data, our clients benefit from a continuity of care from Cathie throughout the development phase of any offshore project. This continuity also ensures that project risks are diligently tracked, investigated and mitigated in a manner that will deliver later stage efficient and reliable design of foundations, pipelines, umbilicals and cables.

We are proud of working in a completely integrated way so that our various technical disciplines all contribute to the success of our projects and realising the best outcomes for our clients.

Worldwide operations

We have developed an enviable track record over the last ten years in the offshore energy sector and have a proven reputation for providing a true technical consultancy solution to offshore geophysical and geotechnical survey, thus ensuring the data collected is expertly quality controlled and consequently fit for purpose.

Our team operates globally in the broadest possible range of geological and geotechnical conditions, for all manner of offshore project development. We have designed, managed and supervised geophysical and geotechnical survey operations in subsea volcanic environments, deep and ultra deep water depths, within shifting continental sand banks, intertidal rock shelf seabeds and every other condition imaginable.

Geophysical and geotechnical survey consultancy only amounts to 2-5% of the overall survey spend but is fundamental to the proper technical execution of operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, whilst protecting our clients commercial interests.

Engaging Cathie as your survey consultant enables significant added value through real-time offshore engineering, safety performance management, cost control and targeted spend, conflict resolution and risk management with a world leading consultancy providing technical support onshore.

At Cathie, we offer survey consultancy, data management, integration and interpretation and ground modelling to define site conditions, inform the engineering process and to quantify and mitigate risk as part of a holistic, cross-discipline approach.