Ground Modelling

The volume, and quality, of data held by our clients is constantly increasing. New surveys are performed, using the latest technologies, to generate high-resolution interpretation of the seabed and below. Our Geospatial Team help clients manage this data efficiently and consistently; but how can data be turned into meaningful information? And how can multiple surveys be combined to transform your data into information from which decisions can be made?

In the modern offshore environment ground models form the basis for continual, progressive seabed risk understanding, management and mitigation planning throughout the project life cycle. Whilst the concept of constructing a subsea ground model is often seen as a new approach for offshore industries, at Cathie we’ve spent the last decade helping our clients derive greater insights into their projects’ environment by combining their geophysical and geotechnical data into a dynamic, accurate and comprehensive models of the seabed.

2D and 3D models, integrated into an underlying Geographic Information System (GIS), are a core tool we adopt across the spectrum of offshore sectors: from offshore renewables and oil and gas; to telecoms and ports and harbours. Our robust approach to data management makes site interrogation a seamless task, allowing a deep understanding of the spatial relationships present. Spatial decisions, such as infrastructure layout design and siting of future sample locations, can be made quickly and with confidence. Modelling serves as a base dataset for a number of  different tasks including foundation selection/optimisation, geo risk mapping, geological and geotechnical zoning/provincing, site suitability assessment, cable routing and the production of alignment charts.

Ground models provide additional information on the numerical validity of site coverage, helping in the site investigation plans, spatial understanding of risk and subsea infrastructure design such as foundation systems and flowlines. In addition to subsea ground model delivery, we also offer a remote access option whereby key layers are available to staff onsite using bespoke mobile apps for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

At Cathie, we offer survey consultancy, data management, integration and interpretation and ground modelling to define site conditions, inform the engineering process and to quantify and mitigate risk as part of a holistic, cross-discipline approach.