Data Management

In the modern marine environment data has simultaneously become both a company’s most valuable asset, and one of its biggest challenges. Emerging technologies, with higher and higher resolutions, provide our clients with an unprecedented wealth of data for their sites; but with data volumes for even a moderate-scale offshore survey totalling in the terabytes, and many of our clients commissioning new surveys for multiple sites every year, how can this data be handled efficiently? How can users have confidence they are viewing the definitive, and complete, dataset? How can consistency and quality be maintained?

Data management is at the heart of Cathie. From assistance adopting data models such as SSDM, through to authoring spatial data specifications, our experienced Geospatial Team help clients standardise their data and improve quality. By cataloguing and storing surveys and as-built documentation, complete with metadata in standards such as INSPIRE and MEDIN, we give our clients confidence their data is in good hands; and via our WebGIS applications their data are accessible with only a few clicks – essential in a dynamic environment where every minute of downtime counts.

At Cathie, we offer survey consultancy, data management, integration and interpretation and ground modelling to define site conditions, inform the engineering process and to quantify and mitigate risk as part of a holistic, cross-discipline approach.