We provide survey consultancy, data management, integration and interpretation, ground modelling, cable burial risk assessment, and route design services to define site conditions, inform the engineering process and quantify and mitigate risk towards FID.

Our Development Solutions:

Survey Consultancy

We have developed an enviable track record over the last ten years in the offshore renewable energy sector and have a proven reputation for providing experienced client representatives who can supervise and manage your site investigation, thus ensuring the data collected is expertly quality controlled and consequently fit for purpose.

Data Integration and Interpretation

Interpretive reporting forms a large part of the site evaluation work scope and provides the stakeholder with critically important information; we interpret a range of data including geological, geophysical and geotechnical  using robust, accepted practices and industry standard software such as AutoCAD 3D, Kingdom, DELPH and gINT.

Ground Modelling

Whilst the concept of constructing a ground model is often seen as a new approach for offshore industries, at Cathie we’ve spent the last decade helping our clients derive greater insights into their projects’ environment by combining their geophysical and geotechnical data into a dynamic, accurate and comprehensive models of the seabed.

Data Management

Data management is at the heart of Cathie. From assistance adopting data models such as SSDM, through to authoring spatial data specifications, our experienced Geospatial Team help clients standardise their data and improve quality.