We offer a complete, seabed and below approach to subsea cables, starting from the earliest project stages and leveraging all of our technical discipline areas. The greatest project value is gained at early project stages when hazards, risks and engineering are considered in the selection of appropriate cable routes, alongside other factors such as environmental impacts. This is where Cathie’s detailed knowledge of the cable installation phase can be applied to deliver early project benefits.

Where risk mitigation through our cable route engineering isn’t possible, we offer a proven and structured approach to defining risks, assigning optimised burial depths and designing burial or alternative protection measures derived from over 17,000km of subsea cable projects globally.

Our services include:

Landing site and route corridor definition

Routing design

Scour and sediment mobility analyses

Geohazard assessment

Burial risk assessment (CBRA)

Burial assessments

Detailed thermal conductivity modelling

We co-authored the Carbon Trust’s Cable Burial Risk Assessment Guidelines (CBRA). The guidelines, which were officially released by the Carbon Trust in February 2015, represent a step change in cable burial risk assessment, focusing on identifying the most efficient, risk managed and tailored cable burial requirements.

Follow this link to access the guidelines.

At Cathie, we deliver solutions for wherever offshore infrastructure interacts with the seabed. From basic analytical design according to established codes through to advanced and innovative computational methods using the most advanced finite element, finite difference and emergent methods in conjunction with machine learning. Designing with the express intent of lowering CAPEX, managing installation risk and improving reliability.