Floating Offshore Wind

Globally, the capacity ambitions for offshore wind are huge. And as the world continues to transition to renewable energy, one of the essential future sources for large volumes of green electricity worldwide is floating offshore wind. This innovative technology has removed many of the limitations of traditional fixed bottom wind such as shallow water depths and the need for favourable sea-bed conditions, whilst liberating otherwise inaccessible wind resources and as costs continue to decline, the future for floating offshore wind is bright.

However, developing a floating offshore wind farm comes with unique engineering challenges of its own including seabed risks, geohazards, foundation or anchor design and dynamic cable management. As an integrated geoscience and geotechnical consultancy, we can support floating offshore wind projects throughout the project lifecycle, delivering effective and value-adding solutions at every stage.

Here to support your global floating wind project

  • Decades of experience and transferrable knowledge from deepwater Oil and Gas and conventional offshore wind projects.
  • Deep understanding of the technologies used for floating assets and particular engineering solutions for maintaining a secure mooring and getting power to seabed and shore.
  • Expertise in how specific anchor and foundation solutions interact with the variety of geological and geotechnical conditions present offshore, both in terms of geotechnical capacity, and installation risk.
  • An existing track record of delivering our integrated geoscience, geophysical and geotechnical services for floating offshore wind projects in an expansive range of geographies and ground conditions worldwide.
  • Innovative thinking and solutions to help bring down costs by using R&D to help solve the sectors challenges, such as multi-line foundation and anchor systems.
  • Proven partnerships to be able to take care of the whole system, floater to foundation.

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