Research and Development

As a recognised leader in our field of endeavour, we have always sought to solve industry challenges through internal and contract research, and development projects. We bring academic and industrial partners together to develop bespoke and practical solutions to solve industry challenges.

Key research and development initiatives include:

API RP2 GEO/ISO19901-4 Foundations

API RP2SK/ISO19901- 7 Anchors and Moorings

ISO19905-1 Jackups

Probabilistic design

Pile design and installation in weak rock

Grillage foundation design

Sliding mudmat design

Safebuck JIP Research Partner

Cyclic loading effects for piles and suction caissons

Dynamic FEA for interpretation of dynamic pile tests

GEOWAVE – anchoring systems for wave energy devices

DYNDATA – database of dynamic pile test results

At Cathie, we are dedicated to targeted R&D efforts to solve industry challenges and are prolific contributors to key industry conference proceedings. To request one of our research papers, please get in touch.