We deliver geological, geospatial, geophysical and geotechnical engineering solutions for a wide range of offshore and near-shore industries including wind, oil and gas, marine energy, ports, and subsea cables.

90+GW Offshore Wind Experience
400+ Oil and Gas Projects
17,000+KM Subsea Power Cable Projects
1,100+ Projects Completed
450+ Clients Worldwide
90+ Countries Worked In

We specialize in the following services, offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to clients all over the world.


Site suitability, desk study, geohazard assessment, concept design and risk management.

Services designed to set a project on the right path, manage risk cost-effectively and to enable key strategic decisions.



Survey consultancy, data management, integration and interpretation, ground modelling, cable burial risk assessment, and route design.

Services designed to define site conditions, inform the engineering process and to quantify and mitigate risk towards Financial Investment Decision.


Solutions for wherever offshore infrastructure interacts with the seabed.

Designing with the express intent of lowering CAPEX, managing installation risk and improving reliability.



Practical approaches for all manner of installation issues from pile tip buckling to suction caisson critical under pressure, including jackup analysis, trenching and burial assessment. Pile driving monitoring is also delivered by our specialist team at our sister company G-Octopus.

Because design is only part of the story.


Cable integrity risk assessment, remedial design, design re-evaluation for life-extension, decommissioning studies.

Services attuned to operating in a dynamic marine environment where change is inevitable.



Commercially available O-Pile for pile design and bespoke, in-house software like JACA and Caisson to facilitate efficiency, repeatability and quality for our clients.

Software to liberate our engineers’ and clients’ time to focus on improving engineering methods and interpretation.

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1100+ projects delivered globally