No Site Specific Data? No problem

When considering a new site for an offshore wind farm and before any significant site-specific information is available, developers will face questions in preparation of their bids for the lease areas available, such as, “Is it technically feasible?” and “Is it commercially viable?”.

That’s where we come in.

In this article and presentation, we’ll share just some of the ways we can offer support throughout the feasibility stage of an offshore wind project using open source data to develop leasing stage Ground Models to improve LCOE understanding.

Read our article

Follow this link to read our article in Energy Engineering Magazine where we discuss what you can learn about the areas and the methods available to select a site and assess project risk before any surveys have taken place.

Listen to our presentation

Or, for more information, watch our presentation on Improving LCOE Understanding With Leasing Stage Ground Models from our BD Manager and GIS Lead. Originally recorded for 2020’s Global Offshore Wind Conference, they provide insight into how the construction of high-level ground models based on open-source and 3rd party data can increase confidence in the seabed and reduce risk.

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