Introducing the Cable Protection Analysis Report

Subsea power cables are critical yet vulnerable aspects of any offshore project, so how do you make sure all key stakeholders understand the potential issues, risks and costs at the earliest stage of a project, in order to reduce the risk of over conservatism in engineering and design?

That’s where our Cable protection analysis report (CPAR) comes in.

The objective of a Cable Protection Analysis Report is to nominate and recommend options for installation and burial techniques, taking into account the most current market contractors, equipment and methodologies. It combines geotechnical, geophysical, GIS and modelling resources into one comprehensive report to support developers and transmission network operators to better determine both the risks and installation mitigation options.

To find out more about what’s included in our cable protection analysis report and how it can benefit your project, watch this presentation from our Cables Lead, Gareth Ellis, recorded as part of the International Cable Protection Committee Virtual Plenary 2021.