G-Octopus announces major company rebrand, launching new brand and identity


G-Octopus, a Cathie Company providing pile instrumentation solutions and advanced interpretation of pile driving monitoring data, announced major rebranding. The comprehensive rebrand brings the focus on G-Octopus’s solutions for oil and gas and renewable energy industries, and includes a new logo, and website.

G-Octopus was founded with the vision of becoming an industry leader in pile driving monitoring in Europe. Since inception, G-Octopus has been successfully involved in several PDM projects throughout the world – onshore, nearshore, offshore and underwater. Since 2011, G-Octopus has expanded its activities to the fast-developing offshore wind industry. G-Octopus is also involved in several R&D projects aiming at pushing boundaries in pile instrumentation and interpretation.

François Renardy, Co-Managing Director at Cathie spoke about the rebranding, “We are delighted that G-Octopus has launched its new brand and identity. With growth in new areas, G-Octopus’s new branding enables the company to stand out in an increasingly competitive and complex industry. We feel it is the right time to invest further into creating a stronger presence both on and offline.”

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. The G-Octopus logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, smart, effective and original. G-Octopus’s emphasis on providing full suite of piling solutions is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “We know Piling.”

Emilio Nicolini, Director of G-Octopus added, “G-Octopus has extensive pile driving monitoring and pile driving testing experience within the oil and gas sector and more recently, in offshore wind power, and provide advanced interpretation and analysis of the pile driving monitoring data. With over 15 years of experience, our engineers perform quality assessments and testing of deep foundations. It is important that G-Octopus retains its established values but at the same time develops a new and modern identity. The rebranding exercise will ensure that we get the right message out there. “

Alexandre Crochelet, G-Octopus Operations Manager added, “G-Octopus is actively developing and improving Pile Driving Monitoring activity using a new technology called Fiber Optic. This allows us to successfully record all along the pile shaft during driving and observe pile behaviour along the shaft. This technology will be used for standard pile driving monitoring on monopiles in near future as it reduces the necessity of bolted or welded connections for installing the sensors on to the piles.”

Please visit www.g-octopus.com to explore the new website and learn more about the suite of piling solutions offered.

About G-Octopus

G-Octopus, a Cathie company, is a provider of on-site pile testing and advanced interpretation of Pile Driving Monitoring Data. Since inception, we have been successfully involved in several PDM projects throughout the world, onshore, nearshore, offshore and underwater.

Our team provides round-the-clock assistance on all piling issues and on-site analysis of data, enabling a real-time preliminary assessment of the hammer/pile/soil system. Our engineers are familiar with the offshore environment and trained to liaise with barge masters and deck foreman to minimize interference with the installation schedule. Our equipment is thoroughly checked before the operations and mobilised with 100 percent redundancy.