Cathie Success in Research Award with Dundee University

Cathie is pleased to announce our participation in the Supergen Wind Screw Pile Research led by the University of Dundee which has been successful in securing funding. This pioneering research will examine the technical and practical potential for screw piles to be used for offshore wind energy.
Whilst commonly used onshore and recognised as an efficient foundation option, this research will investigate the significant challenges in upscaling and deployment offshore and performance under anticipated loading regimes.

Gareth Ellery, Senior Engineer at Cathie – “Screw piles are a potentially exciting opportunity offshore, particularly for offshore wind where the lower cost installation potential can be fully realized. The environmental benefits are also advantageous with none of the driving noise associated with conventional piles. We look forward to contributing expertise to the geotechnical aspects of this research and to another potential avenue towards lower LCOE.”

For further information, please contact Gareth Ellery (+44 191 2696931 |
Download the press release PDF.
Press release from Dundee University available here.

Pictures : Permission to use from Screwfast – Andrej Podpriatov

Researchers undertaking model screw pile tests


Fig 2 UoD model testing of typical onshore geometry screw pile