Cathie has expertise to support growing offshore wind potential in Portugal

Cathie plays a crucial role in driving offshore wind development in numerous emerging markets across the globe, and we’re particularly excited by the growing potential in Portugal.  

Cathie is committed to maintaining strong connections with local entities and universities in Portugal and is actively engaged in discussions related to offshore wind development in this region.  

Cathie’s Senior Geotechnical Engineer, and Portuguese national, Rui Silvano, has extensive experience in the Portuguese offshore sector. Notable experience includes the WindFloat Atlantic submarine export cable project where Cathie proceeded as geoscience consultant and subsequently owner’s engineer, providing technical and project management support during the manufacturing, transport, and installation of the offshore export cable and HDD works.  

Rui and our team of specialists acted on behalf of REN (Portugal TSO), leading discussions and leveraging their expertise and knowledge to facilitate fruitful collaborations with key stakeholders in the project, local entities who were able to support our efforts, and prospective partners & clients established during the term of our engagement. This close involvement has enabled in-depth monitoring of further OWF developments in Portugal, ensuring that our services are aligned with the specific needs and requirements of the region. 

Rui Silvano adds, “Cathie has supported numerous major offshore wind projects across Europe, and globally, equipping the team with a unique understanding of various geoscience and engineering challenges, some of which can also be expected in the Portuguese area of interest for OWF development.  

“ With the draft plan for the allocation of maritime areas for exploitation of renewable energy (PAER) recently submitted for public hearing by the Portuguese Government, and the opening of the Expression of Interest (EOI) period for interested developers, Cathie is well-equipped to collaborate with its local partners to support from early stages with site feasibility assessments, namely geological desktop studies, anchor-type screening, and optioneering, as well as preliminary design”. 

For more details on Cathie’s geoscience consultant and owner’s engineer involvement in the Windfloat Atlantic export cable project, offshore Viana do Castelo click here.


Plan for the Allocation of Maritime Areas for Exploitation of Renewable Energy (PAER) – Annex II – Public Hearing version