Cathie will be presenting CBRA methodology at the IPF conference

Cathie Inc., a leading offshore geosciences and geotechnical engineering consultancy, will be presenting Cable Burial Risk Assessment methods and the current state of play at the International Offshore Partnering Forum (IPF) 2018 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Cathie were one of the lead authors of the Carbon Trust CBRA guidelines and were then retained by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator to act as technical advisors.

“As installation of power cables in a cost-effective manner is now essential for the future of wind farm developments, optimized cable burial with respect to risk has become the preferred protection technique”, said Sean McDonald, Vice President, Cathie Inc. “The Carbon Trust Cable Burial Risk Assessment Guidelines offer a standardized, repeatable and qualitative method to improve risk management of subsea cables for offshore wind farms, and represent a step change in cable burial risk assessment. Cable handling can now be reduced and the range of suitable tools and methods for cable trenching are broadened, which in turn enables significant project cost savings, while minimizing risk.”

Ed Jones, Subsea Cable Lead, Cathie, will be presenting a brief history of subsea cable protection, and will discuss developments in CBRA methodology and the current state of play. If you are attending the event, don’t forget to join our session on Apr 5, 2:00 – 3:15 PM, Session 6 – Subsea Cable Risk. Cathie will also be exhibiting at the event and are sponsors of the Scotch and Cigars evening event at the conference.