Cathie and Global Maritime Team-Up for Jack-Ups

Partnership between offshore geoscience and geotechnical engineering consultancy, Cathie, and marine, offshore and engineering consultancy, Global Maritime, offers holistic jack-up consultancy solution.

Cathie and Global Maritime are joining forces to provide integrated Leg Penetration Assessment (LPA) and Site Specific Assessment (SSA) services for jack-up operations. Over three years ago, and in response to client demand, Cathie and Global Maritime first began delivering integrated analysis and reporting for jack-up operations as part of a ‘one-team’ approach to vessel operators, and the ultimate project developer/operator. Cathie and Global Maritime clients benefit from the enhanced technical service of two specialist consultancies and an integrated reporting package, whilst enjoying the convenience of a single contract solution which can be led by either consultancy.

Since first teaming up, Cathie and Global Maritime have honed and perfected this service with an explicit mission objective to enhance jack-up operability. Over 1,500 individual jack-up locations have now been analysed by the combined team.

Gareth Ellery, Business Development Director, Cathie, commented, “Cathie provide Expertise, Seabed and Below. We like to play to our strengths and so reacting to client demands through key consultancy partnerships to address broader scopes is key to our business. By collaborating with Global Maritime, we have been able to collectively win significant market share in this service area. Our two teams are very well aligned both in terms of business culture and absolute commitment to technical innovation. It’s a pleasure to work with Global Maritime and to witness the success in this relationship.”

Jonny Logan, CEO, Global Maritime commented, “Global Maritime have a long and proud history as a leading global provider of engineering services for the operation of Jack-up vessels, of all types. Having pioneered the development of state of the art tools and methods for site specific assessments that offer our clients both class-leading quality and high efficiency, it was a natural step to form a partnership with Cathie; whose expertise and innovative approach encourages further refinement of combined services in this area. The two teams work extremely well together and provide complimentary skills and experience in delivering a high quality and integrated product.”

Our Jack-up service statement is available here: