An original way to help Nepal. Cathie will cycle 215 miles (345 km) in 2 days to raise funds and build renewable energy systems.

On June 13 and 14, a team from Cathie will take the challenge of a lifetime: cycling 215 miles/345 km in 2 days between Durham and Edinburgh (UK) to raise money and bring clean energy to some of the 1.3 billion people in the world who have no access to electricity.

We are participating in the Earth, Wind and Tyre cycle challenge to raise €10.000 for the charity Renewable World who installs solar, micro-hydro, and micro wind systems in poor communities in the developing world enabling people to heat and light their homes, pump clean water and power schools, health centres and small businesses in a sustainable way.

We decided to support this organization because “Renewable World as a charity offer the life changing access to power for those living in remote and sometimes impoverished communities around the world. Their existing work in Nepal has recently become so much more important as the devastation left by multiple earthquakes has meant that people who were living in challenging circumstances now are struggling to survive at all.” (Paul Errington – Senior Project Engineer)

We aim to raise €10.000, which will enable the charity to buy freezers, allowing entire fishing communities to preserve the value of their fish and fetch fair prices at the market; but also to
provide 40 Nepalese community members with micro-enterprise development training, allowing them to make best use of the income-generating opportunities from a biogas system.