SRD Output

SRD Output tab

The soil resistance to driving output is presented on the ‘SRD’ tab of OPILE. The precise output depends upon the main SRD method which has been selected. An example of the SRD output can be seen in the screen print below. Where applicable the output is valid for all penetrations between mudline and the specified final penetration. The results include any length effects where they are specified in any method (e.g. ALM). Where skin friction and end bearing is output in kPa this is only valid for the final penetration.


Illustration of SRD output

Pile Self-weight Penetration

Pile self penetration is calculated on the basis of the soil resistance to driving and depends upon the pile and hammer weight. An allowance for hammer weight can be input under the SRD soil table. Pile weight is controlled by the pile and material properties under the general input tab. The pile self penetration is determined by finding the penetration at which the soil resistance to driving equals the pile and other installation associated weights. The option to calculate pile self penetration and the installation weight allowances are input under the SRD Soil table, as shown below:


Defintion of pile self-weight

Self penetration is represented graphically on the SRD plot and upper and lower bounds of pile self penetration are calculated by considering the upper and lower bounds of the SRD method that has been used. An example of the output from the self penetration is seen in the figures below. OPILE will allow for 3 different values of what has been termed an “installation weight allowance”. This is intended to include all hammer, follower, anvil and other weights associated with pile driving and it will depend upon the configuration of pile and hammer used.


Defintion of pile self-weight


Illustration of SRD output with pile self-weight