Axial Analysis

The results of axial finite difference analysis are outputted under the “Axial Output” tab, in three formats. The Axial Summary tab presents a summary of all the load cases performed, in particular key figures about the performance of the pile at the grid points where the application of load has been specified. This allows the user to develop outputs such as a pile head load-displacement response, like the example shown below:


Example of pile axial load displacement response (from Worked Example 2)

Also, the results of axial analysis for a single load case are output under the “Full Output - Single Case” tab. The full output for any particular load case can be reviewed by selecting the case from the list box. When a load case is selected from the list box this extracts the relevant information from the table which contains all output for all load cases. This could be useful if more information is required about the pile response and may be particularly useful in considering the torsion-rotation response of the pile.


Illustration of Axial Analysis output for all Load Cases

The results of axial analysis can also include the effect of pile weight and this is controlled through an option in the axial load cases. By default pile weight is not included.

Note: Load equilibrium (Axial and Torsional) are relevant to the pile element bottom and displacements (Axial and Twists) are relevant to the pile element middle. In case a load needs to be applied to the top of a pile, it is recommended to create a small top element or use OPILE’s grid generator.