Axial Mobilised Capacity

The mobilized axial capacity for tension and compression corresponds to the peak axial capacity provided from pile load-displacement analyses. The following input is necessary for analyzing the Mobilized Axial Capacity:

  • AxCap (All Penetrations) - The following information in particular: Plugged or Unplugged

  • AxCap Details (Final Penetration) - The following information in particular: Calculation Type and Tens Mod

  • TZ Curves (Compression only - the tension T values are derived from the ‘AxCap’ Details, column ‘Tens Mod’)

  • QZ Curves

For each pile penetration (penetration interval set by the axial pile grid), the axial load peaks are identified by incrementing through a series of displacements and determining the pile load associated with them. The peak finding iteration is similar to the iteration used for providing the Load Cases locating the axial responds peaks. The peak finding iteration control parameters are grouped in the ‘General’ tab, below the ‘Analysis Options’ sub-tab.


Mobilisable axial capacity options in OPILE