Axial SoilΒΆ

The axial soil input is defined in order to calculate the axial capacity of the pile and the TZ & QZ Curves for the axial load-displacement response.

It is defined in a series of layers in the axial soil input table as shown below. The soil properties which require definition depend upon the axial capacity method specified for a particular layer.

It is possible to specify properties which are not used for the current axial method. In order to use ALLCAP it will be necessary to specify all of the soil inputs that may be required.

It is always necessary to specify the bottom depth of a layer, a soil effective unit weight and method. The top depth is filled in automatically and the top most layer must always have a top depth of 0m and this is filled in automatically. The method specifies the axial capacity method that will be used for that particular layer and is entered by selecting an option from the drop down menu.

Once the axial method has been selected various cells will then be highlighted in yellow and it is necessary to fill these in. In addition some other axial parameters below the main soil input table may be highlighted and these will also be used in the analysis. They will generally have some default values (such as K for the SANDAPI method) and are often highlighted only to bring to the users attention the fact that they are used. These parameters are explained in the relevant method sections.


An example of the axial soil input table (from Worked Example 5).